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What if… you want a website…

New website

If you want a website for the first time, there’ll be more things involved. The best part of ‘a brandnew one’ is the challenge to translate your personal appearance to html. Colors, feeling, the ambiance, how can we show you best online.


Website refreshing

You probably have a website. It might not be ‘resonsive’. It is not resizing on mobile or tablet. Transforming your old website to a refreshing new one can be easy. It is an advantage that there’s already a base to work with and start with content already available.



Not any experience with websites, hosting and everything related? No problem. You can leave that to me, I am happy to advise about hostingproviders and all possibilities. If you rather manage all by yourself afterwards, I can help you to maintain and update your site.

How much?

That’s a good one! It’s important for me to try and predict as good as possible. Of course it all depends on how complicated the site will be. I can keep your budget in mind and searche for creative solutions if you are a starting entrepreneur.



Less is more..

Think outside the box

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