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Conditions per 01-01-2018

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1. Definitions
  • SwebS: the user of the general conditions.
  • Client: the individual or legal entity with whom SwebS into an agreement to provide services.
  • Website: a name of the client presentation made for use on the Internet. It consists of a set of digital web pages including any associated digital documents, images, scripts and databases.
2. Applicability
  • By signing an agreement with SwebS the client declares that he / she is aware of the terms and conditions and that he / she agrees to these terms.
  • Insofar as writing is not waived by agreement between the parties, the following articles shall apply to any offer, order or contract or SwebS.
3. Offers
  • All tenders and quotations by SwebS are entirely optional.
  • SwebS is only bound by the offers if the acceptance is confirmed by the client in writing within 14 days.
4. Commencement of the contract
  • An agreement is concluded on the day that the following conditions are met:
    – the confirmation is completed and received signed by SwebS;
    – the payment of 40% of the agreed invoice amount is received.
  • The conditions in Article 4 may be waived if the customer is familiar with the contractor.
5. Implementation of the agreement
  • SwebS will contract to the best of its ability.
  • If and insofar as the proper execution of the agreement requires, SwebS has the right to have certain work done by third parties.
  • The client ensures that all data which indicates SwebS be provided this necessary.
  • SwebS is not liable for damages of any kind resulting SwebS is incorrect and / or incomplete data provided by the client.
6. Delivery and deliverytime
  • With the design and development of the website is launched as soon as possible after written order and delivery of required material.
  • Interim results will be posted by SwebS a temporary internet location for testing purposes.
  • If delay threatens the agreed delivery time, as soon as possible will be communicated. In case of force on the part of SwebS, the period will be extended by the terms of that control. Excessive delay in delivery can be considered grounds for termination of the agreement.
  • SwebS is not liable for non-operating functions caused for example by incorrect settings in the hosting provider of the client while it functions well on the test domain are functioning and if these defects so caused by incorrect settings, and not by faulty programming SwebS the relevant functionality or plugin.
  • Completion of a website is done as soon as possible after the completion of the development of the website.
7. Copyright
  • All through SwebS produced material may not be edited or processed without the express written consent of SwebS in other websites or products for which it was originally intended.
  • Ownership of design remains fully SwebS, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by SwebS provided ideas, concepts or (test). In the latter case SwebS can an agency fee clauses. With proven violation of said property is SwebS entitled to charge a self declaration but reasonable fee to charge.
  • SwebS reserves the right to be brought by the execution of the work increased knowledge for other purposes to be used in so far no confidential information to third parties.
8. Liability
  • Insofar SwebS in its activities depends on the cooperation, services and deliveries of third parties, which they have little or no influence SwebS can can exercise be held liable in any way for any damage arising from these relationships SwebS or breaking thereof, whether or not damage occurs or becomes visible during the relationship with SwebS.
  • SwebS is not responsible or liable for the content of the client supplied material. The client it must be ensured that supplied by the principal material such as texts and images are free from third party copyright.
  • In case of breach in the performance of the agreement is SwebS only liable for compensatory damages to the invoice amount. Any liability of SwebS for any other form of damage is excluded, including compensation for indirect damages, consequential damages or damages for lost sales or profits.
9. Advertising
  • The client has clearly defined the opportunity for 14 days after delivery failures to report the products delivered to SwebS. If the claim is justified SwebS will attempt to remedy these defects. Where SwebS no defects are reported within the aforementioned period, voided complaint. The client provided false information leading to defects in the delivered emphatically not mean “defects”.
  • Complaints give the client the right to offset payments to suspend or.
10. Prices
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Additional requirements of the client that are not arranged in advance will result in additional work for which SwebS will be awarded proportionally.
11. Payment
  • After signing the order confirmation gets them the status of contract. From that moment there is an agreement between the client and SwebS and the client is obliged to honor the work of SwebS arrangement.
  • The client is 40% of the gross amount of the tender as payment to satisfy.
  • The deposit can only be recovered by the client if SwebS the desired services or not delivered as specified in the tender. Leading here is the test domain in which the site is put in the first place. When the website on the test domain is delivered to specification, and operates according to the needs of the client, and SwebS the website can then not deliver because the client renounces or unreasonable demands where the website SwebS can not be delivered, the client is unable to recover the deposit.
  • After completion of the work and after the site has been completed on the test area according to the specifications and functions properly, SwebS will send a bill reduced the amount involved in the contract with the already paid deposit. The client shall, within thirty days after sending the invoice to pay the amount. After the final payment by the client are satisfied, the website hosting SwebS transferred to the domain of the client.
  • If the customer has exceeded the payment, it is sent a demand for payment by SwebS. The cost of a reminder, net worth € 7.50, will be charged to the client. If the client within fourteen days has not yet fulfilled its obligations, the client from the moment of statutory interest plus extrajudicial costs on the outstanding invoice amount, calculated according to the recommended by the Dutch Bar Association (graduated) collection rate.
12. Changes in the General Terms and Conditions
  • SwebS has the right to change or supplement to these terms and conditions.
  • Changes also apply to existing agreements, subject to a period of thirty days after written notification of the change.
  • If the client does not agree to the amended terms, he is entitled to terminate the agreement as of the date of change of the terms or within fourteen days of the receipt date of the amendment of the terms and conditions if this receipt date is after the effective date of the change.
13. Other
  • SwebS will not provide any personal information of the customer to third parties without there being a legal obligation exists. This is also true for any confidential information that has been provided for the purposes of the execution of an agreement to SwebS.
  • When SwebS mediates web hosting for a client, the client is bound by the conditions set by the web host. SwebS is also not responsible for any breach of the web host in question.
  • When the need arises, changes can an agreement be made after written confirmation from both parties. This may change the agreed time of delivery. SwebS will the client as soon as possible of the new delivery date and any financial implications notify.
  • SwebS is free for promotional purposes as a reference point to the End products delivered, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Furthermore SwebS reserves the right to moderate credit entry with hyperlink in the delivered website client.
  • Disputes and applicable law
  • The agreement is exclusively Dutch law.
14. Privacy

Law for the protection of personal information

  • In our process we follow the requirements of the Data Protection Act. That also means that we:

    • Clearly state what purposes we process personal data. We do this through this Privacy Statement.
    • Try our collection of personal information to restrict only the personal information necessary for legitimate purposes.
    • You first ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases requiring your permission.
    • take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information and also require parties who process personal data on our behalf.
    • respect your right to upon request, to disclose your personal data and correct or delete it if desired.

    We process different data for different purposes. This privacy statement explains which personal data we collect and use, for what purpose we do and the role we have in this. We encourage you to carefully read this statement.

    On this page you will find the latest privacy. This privacy statement was last updated on May 22, 2018.

Purposes of processing

We process your personal data in general, for the following purposes:

  • Calculating Pricing
  • Use our contact form
  • Administrative processing after the execution of work

Use of personal data

Our website allows you to use certain data from behind us. That can be personal. We store and use only the personal information supplied directly by you or which is clearly stating that they are given to us to process. We will use the personal information for any other purpose, unless you have given permission beforehand. As for the aforementioned purposes, we process the following personal data from you:

  • Gender, date of birth, name and address, email address, telephone number (contact)


The information you provided to us held by us indefinitely.

Disclosure to third parties

We will not disclose to other parties the information you provide.