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1. What do I need before starting

  • Logo (PDF, EPS or high res JPEG)
  • Hosting login (hosting account and/or DirectAdmin/Cpanel login)
  • Current website login (if there’s a current WordPress installed)
  • Current images full size or new images
  • Colorcodes and fonts of corporate identity

I am reseller of hosting-packages at Antagonist. I have been working with this provider since 2014. I have worked with several different providers before and this one still makes me feel like a queen and most important customer wink

If you host with me, I can offer you the SLIM package including:

1 website
Free domainname

100 GB storage SSD
Advanced caching

1 CPU core
512 MB memory

Extra Antagonist-specials

Unlimited traffic
12 backups in 7 days

unlimited e-mail
Free antispam

Patchman and monitoring

Price /year € 50,- (directly at Antagonist € 60,- /year).


Would you like me to install new updates and monitor your site? Do you have new content, images or text regularly?

I have a small maintenance package available:

WordPress updates
Plugin updates
Security updates
1 hour editing/month (max 3 maanden flexible ;-))

Price per month € 25,- **

** This price is if you host with Antagonist. Antagonist is very safe and comprehensive and offers me excellent support. Therefore I can keep the promises I make. If you would like to have your own hostingprovider, I will make you an offer depending on their support.

2. Designing

Designing is complex. I make three global steps:



Most work is designing the layout, the structure and styling. I complete a homepage and a sub-page for you to judge.


After approval of the design, I’ll continue designing all pages, functions. Everything will be responsive on most used formats.


Final editing will be done together. We will check all pages and make adjustments untill the site is finished and perfect.

3. Preparing for launche

All unnecesary plugins, pages, images and files are deleted. A backup is created and saved. As soon as the site is moved to the right location, it will be visible within 24-48 hours.

All logins and information will be provided to you by email.



4. Form completed?

Last, if I don’t have your form yet, would you please complete this? I will send you a quotation.